Not my jamb—the door project drags on

This summer got away from me in more ways than one. My efforts to simplify life meant that I didn’t sign my kids up for their normal summer activities—baseball, swimming, and serial VBS camps. It also meant every day was wide open, which meant I had to fill it. By the end of June, I was completely worn out.

But after a long anticipated and saved-for trip to the beach, we settled into our simplified schedules and slowly began to enjoy the unplanned, unstructured days. But all of my kids’ unstructured time, along with many wonderful weekend visits from family and friends, made it difficult to work on any kind of house project.

So our door-replacement project drags on.

I’ve slowly painted most of the six doors we installed (read more on that here). Since we installed slab doors, it means the jambs are staying and need to be primed and painted. So for the past three months, we have had primed jambs that look a little worse than the dark, busy oak did.


Soon I hope to pull off the trim and begin to install new casing and baseboards. And then I’ll caulk seams and finally paint those jambs and fill in the corners around the hinges.

I am making up the order of these tasks as I go. I thought about removing the old trim before painting the jambs, but I had a feeling it would take us several months. And I was thinking I’d have an easier time putting up with the delay if I still had the trim up.


So for now we’re living with the mess of the in-between. It’s a signal that we’re on our way, or a flashing red light beckoning for attention. It kind of depends on the day. But that’s what it means to be in-between.


Looking back at how it looked when I started buys me patience with this project. Even in the mess, it’s better than it was before.



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