Magazine match window shades

Better Homes and Gardens window shade

My mother-in-law found a picture in Better Homes and Gardens earlier this year of window shades she loved for her dining room. The problem was, she couldn’t find the window shades pictured in the article. There was info on the furniture, the wall color,  the accessories, but nothing about the shades themselves. She went online and searched for something similar from big retailers like Pottery Barn, but she couldn’t find anything close.

Better Homes Feb 2013 window shades

Her dining room windows have shutters and a toile balloon shade that darkened the room. She wanted to keep the shutters and wanted a brighter, more casual look for her dining room. Because this room faces the road, she wanted privacy that didn’t shut out light. This is a picture of her window taken with her phone.

Dawn's curtains shutters open

The shades in the magazine look like roman shades, but I thought I could make static shades that would mimic the look. So this summer, we went to the fabric store and bought some almost sheer white fabric and nutmeg velvet ribbon. We spent under $22 for both shades. Not bad.

Since we don’t have a Farrow and Ball retailer in Colorado Springs, I went online and requested a sample swatch of the wall color. The color in the picture is Cord. We don’t know yet if the color will be too dark for the room, but at least it will give her an idea of what color family to begin to look for a lighter match.

I should mention that I live in Colorado while my mother-in-law lives in Alabama. The challenge of this project was doing this long distance with just the measurements and magazine picture to go by.

This is a close up of the shade after I’d finished sewing it.


And this is the finished shade in my bedroom window in snowy Colorado, which had to stand in as her dining room window, even though it’s three inches wider than the actual window.

Finished shade

To simulate the casual gathers of the roman shade, I sewed loose stitches in the shade and then pulled up to create the gather. It needs some finessing, but I’m going to let my mother-in-law take care of that after I give them to her at Thanksgiving.

close up

So I don’t have an after picture of the shades in the actual room . . . yet. But my mother-in-law will send me a photo once they up, and I’ll update the post with that picture.

But I think we have a pretty close match. And it was a fun challenge to try to duplicate something we saw in a magazine, and to do something for someone else’s home. It’s definitely something I want to try again.

Finished shade take 2

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