End table makeover

intro photo

Recently on a walk through my local Goodwill, I saw this little table with a twelve dollar price tag on it. It was sturdy with great legs and a banged-up top, all at a low, make-me-over price.

Goodwill table before 2

After sanding the top with my orbit sander, I gave it a coat of spray primer. At this stage of DIYing, I now have these things left over from other projects and waiting in the garage. It’s much easier for this cheap-o to pull the trigger on these low-budget makeovers, since I don’t have to add every coat of paint and glaze to the cost of the project.

It looked much better after the primer and two coats of Rust-Oleum’s Heirloom White in satin.

with white paint

I painted the turned legs blue to match the curtains in our family room. I bought a sample size of Behr paint in Atmospheric from Home Depot for about four dollars.

with paint and blue legs

Distressing it with sand paper helped it to look less like a guest room night stand and more like an end table at home in our casual family room.

with distressing

After a coat of black antiquing glaze, it looked ever better. Again, I had this leftover from another project. I wiped it on with a damp paper towel and wiped it off with a dry one, instead of using old rags.  The bottle says it’s workable for fifteen minutes, but in our dry climate, it’s closer to six.

close up with distressing

Here it is in our family room. It brightens up the room to have the white top reflecting the light from the windows into the room.

Goodwill table after

For now, I decided to swap out some nesting tables that I had in that space. They also have a great shape, and I love nesting tables. But they are harder to vacuum around. Since adding our Golden Retriever to the family, I’ve started to care more about things like that. Also, there are several surfaces to dust, and now that my kids are helping out with dusting, low-maintenance is easier all around. I haven’t decided wether to sell these or find a home for them in another corner of the house.

nesting table

It’s  fun to find small, inexpensive ways to bring changes to my home, especially in January.  And I love the process of working on a project like this. I may keep the other tables around for the next time I get the itch to take on a small makeover.

table makeover after

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9 thoughts on “End table makeover

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  2. Let me know how the top takes to the wear and tear. I don’t always sand my things before I paint, and I often find the paint on top chips over time. Not sure if it’s the paint I choose, (do you use a flat, satin, gloss?) or the lack of sanding. I always debate a protective top coat. Sounds like you didn’t use one though, right?

  3. looks great! My wife and I did similar things with alot of our furniture. It’s great to get cheap furniture from goodwill and garage sales and make them match your style and decor without shelling out big bucks for new things.

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