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Hello. My name is Michaela.

My husband and I have three delightful children and live in Colorado.

I named this blog House Over Head because I am choosing to create a beautiful home in whatever house happens to be overhead. We’ve been in our current home about four years longer than we’d planned, at times that’s been comforting and at times it’s been confining. The name also refers to how we often feel in over our heads when it comes to renovating our aging house, especially with constraints on our time and money.

I started this blog in January 2013 as part of my New Year’s resolution to create and simplify. I’m writing, sewing, painting, as well as de-cluttering, omitting, and organizing, my way to a happier understanding of both.

I love making changes to the look and feel of my home in resourceful, thoughtful ways. I am thrifty to my core—sometimes this is a blessing, sometimes it’s a hindrance. But I’m learning to see the value of things apart from their price tag, an idea that informs many of my posts.

I’d love for you to read along as we chose to love where we live. To tackle more items on our house to-do list. To cultivate the ground we find ourselves in.

Thank you for peeking in while we do.


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